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Specialty Bread and Pastries

Come and try our delicious bread and pastries, from our filling 'pinagong' and our unique 'pinatubo', to our mouth-watering selection of fruit pies, hopia, cheese bread, loaf bread and more. Baked from fresh ingredients, our specialty bread and pastries are sure to please your palates while easy on the budget.
Bread Delivery Services

Here at Karitela, we work hard to provide you with fresh, tasty bread, right to your doorsteps. From our hamburger buns and footlongs, to our pita breads, shawarma wrappers, pizza crusts and more, you can be assured of good quality bread at very affordable prices.
Karitela Bread, Buns and Pastries
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Karitela Bread, Buns & Pastries
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We Make Your Bread!

For bulk orders on made-to-order breads and pastries, let us know what you need and we will do our best to cater them for you.

All these and more, only at Karitela Bakeshop!
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